How To Organise A Garage Sale Before Moving?

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How To Organise A Garage Sale Before Moving?

May 05, 2022

Are you hoping to make some extra cash before shifting out of your current home? Well, a garage sale is a good option as you can quickly sort through all your stuff and sell the things you don’t want. This is a good way to also meet and say goodbye to your neighbours.

While arranging the garage sale, you can hire an expert Brisbane removalist to pack and get all your stuff ready to shift to your new home. If you need help in organising a garage sale, you can refer to our pointers below:

Plan In Advance

Firstly, you need to plan out your garage sale in advance to have enough time to organise and arrange all your goods. You can do this by:

• Pick a date and time for your garage sale at least a month in advance to get a larger crowd.
• You should organise it on days when most people have free time, like on a Friday or Saturday.
• Schedule it for the morning or afternoon to get the early crowd. Also, you should be prepared for people who might come a little before the opening time.
• Try to arrange your garage sale during off-season months when people are not busy with other events.

Use Social Media

In this day and age where social media is used for almost everything, you can also turn to it to publicise your garage sale.

You should use social media to create an event on Facebook or Instagram for the same and invite several people to it. You can also ask your friends and family to repost your event and share it with more people.

Printouts And Posters

You can also advertise your garage sale in the following ways:

• Another good way to organise your garage sale is by printing out flyers and posting them in local cafes and shops.
• If you can make a signboard, get as creative as possible and make it colourful to attract more people to it. You should also set it up in areas where people are more likely to see it, like near bus stops and playgrounds.
• Always remember to include your full address, name and contact number on your posters and signboards. If you are accepting online payments, you can include that in the poster as well.

Have A Joint Garage Sale

If you want to reach more people, you can host a joint garage sale with your neighbours. You can ask them if they have any items they want to sell, and you can host a much larger garage sale which will attract larger crowds.

Create An Inventory

Now that you have scheduled the date and time of your garage sale and advertised it well, you can start organising your things for the sale. To do this, you can:

• Make a list of all your items room by room, and then start separating the goods you want to sell.
• You should check all your rooms, cupboards and cabinets and even look in your attic or basement to find items that you can sell.
• Organising your goods like this also makes it easier to move things when you are shifting homes and makes it easier when you have to unpack.
• Expert removalists in Brisbane also recommend creating an inventory as this can help you get rid of stuff you don’t want in your new home and thus lighten your load when packing and unpacking things.

Price Your Items Fairly

Once you create a pile of things you want to sell, you can group it into different items like clothes, jewellery, home furnishings and more. Then it will be easier for you to price items. Here are some tips on how you can price all your items fairly:

• Make sure you price your items at low rates so that people will be interested in buying them.
• You can also give good discounts and deals like two rings for $10. You can also give a “buy one get one free scheme” for some items.
• If some people are negotiating with you, try to give them the price range they want without dropping the price too low.
• You should also mark the price on each item clearly so that there is no confusion. Write the prices with a transparent black marker on a white sheet and mark all items similarly.
• Have carry bags or leftover moving boxes ready for people to pick up and take their items safely once they are done shopping.

Get Some Refreshments

You can also arrange some baked goods and refreshments from any home-based food business for people during the garage sale. This will get more people interested and will also be an excellent way to spend time with and say your goodbyes to your neighbours.

If you are worried that all these arrangements will leave you with no time for packing, you can hire removalists in Brisbane to help you pack your stuff while you concentrate on the garage sale.

Set Up A Donation Box

Once your garage sale is over, you should gather all your unsold items into one box and donate unwanted items. You can call the donation centre to take your box the same day for your second-hand goods safety so you can get back to your packing.


Use these tips to organise a fun but well-planned garage sale to say your goodbyes and get rid of your extra items before you move out.