How To Save Money & Avoid Surprise Expenses When Moving?

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How To Save Money & Avoid Surprise Expenses When Moving?

Mar 03, 2022

Various aspects and variables unique to your house relocation determine your moving expenses. The packing/moving load, special items, furniture, distance, moving date, and several other things influence your budget. Often it is difficult to cut corners during relocation because you need to shell out money for unavoidable and important tasks.

Therefore, you must hire professional removalists in Brisbane with an upfront pricing model and transparent terms & conditions. Additionally, you must plan and prepare for expected and unexpected expenditures.

Here is your complete guide outlining tips to save money and avoid surprise expenses when moving to a new house. Have a look.

Understand Your Move

Often people make the mistake of misanalysing their house move and it adds to their moving woes. Before you look for removalists, get packing supplies, or do any other important task, be clear about the following things.

• Moving time & date because you need to pay higher for removal services in Brisbane, packing supplies, moving truck rental etc., during a busy season like summer.
• Short notice or emergency move.
• Distance: local (within 80kms radius), long, interstate or international.

Start Saving Early

Start saving money as early as three to four months before you plan to move to prepare for the process like a pro. Usually, you should follow the 50-30-20 budgeting rule to manage your household expenses, enjoy your life and have enough to save. However, you should focus on saving more and less on avoidable expenditure before moving.

Thus, after spending 50% of your household income on necessities like rent, utilities, groceries etc., save more than 20% by lowering the expenditure on entertainment, dining out, leisure activities and luxury items.

Set A Moving Budget

Moving is expensive irrespective you take professional help or not. Without setting a budget, you can quickly deplete your savings and remain unprepared for surprise moving costs. Using a good budget planner is necessary to chart one-off expenses like rental bond payment, advance rent, removal service charges, hiring cleaners, etc. Add these one-time costs to your ongoing expense budget to have a realistic idea about the expected moving estimate.

Don’t Book Removalists Without A Pre-Move Survey

Reputed removal companies schedule pre-move surveys to understand the scale of a move & offer quotes accordingly. A pre-move survey is a review done by the professionals during which they note the number of rooms, things they cannot move and things they can move.

Additionally, removalists answer questions regarding packing, removals, storage and other services. You can clear any doubts and get a realistic and reliable estimate of professional moving expenses to see if the removalists are affordable or out of your budget. If the removalists are flexible, they provide customised solutions to provide services within your budget.

Get Necessary Parking Permits

Whether you are renting a moving truck or taking the assistance of professional removalists in Brisbane, make sure to get the necessary parking permits from the local council. Add the cost of permit renewal or new application fees to your moving budget. Short-term permits are free for residents, and you should inquire if you are eligible for this privilege.

Furthermore, know that the maximum yearly charge for every household in Brisbane is $41.50, and you can apply for a new permit or renew a previous one online, by post, via email, in person or by phone.

Don’t Fall For Instant Quotes & Scams

Instant quotes shared via call or email by a removal company is not reliable sources for basing your moving estimates. Additionally, it is often a ploy used by scammers to lure naive people and dupe them. By underquoting, scammers or unreliable removalists keep the actual cost of the move hidden until the day you relocate and impose them suddenly when you have no choice but to pay the extra amount.

Therefore, always look for companies that schedule pre-move surveys before providing a quote. Also, don’t hesitate to refrain from or cancel a booking if the removalists are uninsured, have high claim rates, have unsettled claims from previous clients, or you find their terms & conditions ambiguous.

Hold A Garage Sale

A house move is one of the best times to declutter your belongings and get rid of things that serve no purpose. You must only keep the things you need and have space for in your new home to reduce the packing and moving load for your hired removalists in Brisbane. Know where to donate household items, clothes and other belongings.

Furthermore, hold garage sales to earn from unwanted things in good condition or brand new, and appropriate for all ages. You can resell them online using good platforms like Gumtree, eBay, Garage Sale Trail and others. Alternatively, conduct a traditional garage sale in your yard if you have the time or energy.


During a house move, you pay for ongoing expenses with additional costs, making it necessary to manage your spending. If you don’t budget, expect moving costs and avoid scams, you can easily deplete your saving. Thus, make sure to hire quality removalists in Brisbane and follow the tips shared above to save money and avoid surprise expenses when moving.