5 Moving Day Disasters You Should Try To Avoid

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5 Moving Day Disasters You Should Try To Avoid

Nov 28, 2018

Moving to a new location is always special and exciting, but leaving your old home can be quiet overwhelming. Despite the support of the best removalist in Brisbane, relocating to a new and unfamiliar place can be stressful – not only physically, but also mentally.

When you are in the middle of all these confusions and emotional turmoil, the chances are high that you may overlook a few crucial things, which can lead to disasters on your moving day.

If you are planning to move to a new place in Brisbane, don’t keep things for the very last minutes. Set a plan, make a list and start with the most important things. Do not underestimate even the smallest task as they usually take your maximum time.

In this post, we will discuss some blunders people often face on their moving day and how you can try to avoid it. Let’s analyse one by one:

1. Not Having Enough Helping Hands

People often underestimate the level of efforts it requires when you move to a new place in Brisbane. To save a few dollars, they only book a transport van and do not understand the need for professional removalists.

The idea is all right, only if you have enough helping hands at your place. Otherwise, it can be a disaster on your moving day. Packing and loading everything on your own can be extremely stressful.

And let’s not forget about the injuries. A small apartment usually has between 1500 to 2500 Kgs worth items, and that requires enough lifting. If you are not aware of the technique, a possibility of back injury and foot injury is extremely high.

What to do?

Contact a professional removals company and stay away from the complexity of packing and loading. They have experienced team who have proper knowledge of the techniques and advanced equipment to tackle all kind of challenges.

Profession removalists allow you to keep a close watch on the entire moving process from a distance, so you can make sure that everything is on the right track.

2. Problem with the Transport Vehicle

If you have contacted the removal company or booked a transport vehicle at the very last moment, you might face an issue. People often complain about the size of the truck on a moving day. If the vehicle cannot carry all your belongings in one go, you are most likely to pay almost double of what you are paying.

Last minute booking can also cause a problem regarding the availability of the vehicle or the workforce in Brisbane. Even a couple of days delay can make a lot of difference, and you might end up paying extra money at both ends for resources like water, electricity, internet, phone connection, etc.

What to do?

Take your time and choose a reliable and licensed removals company in Brisbane. If you are planning to move during the peak season (around August) inform the company at least one month ahead and remind the exact date one week beforehand.

Ask the company to send a team of professionals who can measure both the places, make a list of inventory and give you an idea of how they are going to execute their plans.

3. Facing terrible weather

A moving day itself is quite challenging, but when you also have to deal with bad weather, it can be a disaster. If you are doing everything on your own, it can be a tough job to keep your belongings dry and safe.

You also need to deal with the mud and dirt inside your house as you go in and out of the house several times. And needless to say, the chances of accidents and injuries are always higher when you are moving in the rain.

What to do?

It is not easy to predict the weather as people prepare 30 to 40 days before the moving day; still what you can do is contact the professionals. Removalists in Brisbane are well experienced and can guide you through the process.

They are aware of the challenges and also have a solution for it. You can keep a close watch on the weather forecast in Brisbane and discuss the possible scenario with the removals company at least a week before the big day.

4. Improper packing

If you are doing the entire preparation on your own, make sure you do it right! Otherwise, things can get confusing, and that can take a lot of time. You may be good at packing for your tour, but packing for a move is a different ball game altogether.

If not done correctly, you may end up using way too many cartons than what requires, and you have no clue about the items inside the boxes. This can lead to a space problem while loading. Also, improper packing can cause damage to your belongings as weak cartons can open up and give way to things, thus causing loss and damage to your possessions.

What to do?

When you are moving, always use professional packers. They know the techniques that help them to complete the packing in a quick and hassle-free manner. The experienced removalists know how to segregate papers items like documents and books, fragile items like crockery and lamp shades, electronic items, etc.

5. Removalists Charging Extra Money

If things are not clear between you and the company, the removalists can ask for additional costs like for disassembling or reassembling various items, packing, unpacking or providing the materials for packing.

What to do?

Be specific about what you want and know what services they are offering. Ask them if there is anything that they are providing within the package. Get detailed information about all kinds of services they shall provide and get a complete package instead of hiring them on an hourly basis.


Everybody wants a smooth transition, but it entirely depends on the time you have spent on research and preparation before the moving day. Last minute shortcuts only create problems and that lead to disasters. But with the help of a reliable removals company like Better Removalists Brisbane and their experienced professionals, you can certainly avoid such blunders.